Delete focus selections

I love the way focus let’s you drill down and refine a search. But why can’t we have a delete focus? For example if searching for music to play by an artist, it will select all music, including Christmas or holiday genres. I would like to “delete” holiday from searches.

Hi @Roy_Sokoloski,

I think this may help you … once selected focus criteria can be negated by clicking them.
When this is done the give criteria is filtered out of the rather than being included.

Check out this example …

Focus by Holiday:

Focus not by Holiday:

Sorry, but my Roon does not seem to work this way, or I am just not getting it! When I select all of a certain artist, then I use focus to check Holiday it only shows holiday. Then there is no way to “toggle” to show a red minus to remove holiday. What am I missing here?

Tap/click the “+” in front of the “holiday”. Does that not work?

yes now I see it. It only works under albums but not under artists. correct? It appears if I want to play all of an artist, but not their holiday i need to focus under albums and delete holiday and then press play

one other question, which may not relate to this thread. Under artist, I do not have the “in their prime” category. Where is this where I can find it. Or is this only on certain artists in the Roon database, which does not apply to my artists? Thanks for you help

That’s fine, and you can also focus with the tracks browser to cover the cases where the artist appears as a performer but not as the primary artist.