Delete multiple copies

Is there a way to delete multiple copies? Quite a few of my albums are coming up as duplicates. There is only one version on my hard drive but in some cases there are up to three albums showing up. is there something is settings?

Before you start deleting things, the first thing I would think about is why you might be seeing duplicates in the first place. Have you got more than one Watched Folder defined in the Storage settings? If so, is it possible that they are overlapping in the folder hierarchies? That would cause an album to show up multiple times (one per path in each Watched Folder).

Further to @Geoff_Coupe’s comment, can you share a screenshot or two of the duplicate albums? Also, try this: select an album, click on the vertical ellipsis and select View File Info … and note the Storage Location and Path to File. Compare this with the duplicate album.

Also, can you confirm that you are not looking at TIDAL albums under the Versions tab. Thanks.

Also, check track count to make sure the albums are not coming up split into two or three albums.

Thanks everyone, yes in many cases the track count was less. I have become individually deleting them

Hello @Ken_Scollick,

Just wanted to check in with you here to make sure that things are getting better and the issue is resolved, please let me know if this is not the case. I would take a look to make sure that you are not accidentally using two watched folder locations as @Geoff_Coupe mentions.

Also, huge shout out to Geoff, bearFNF and Martin for providing the initial guidance for Ken, really appreciate it! If there’s anything else I can assist with @Ken_Scollick, just let me know and I’ll be happy to help.


Hi Noris

Im having problems with duplicates as well. The heading for my post is Duplicates, Duplicates, Duplicates…Help Please. I posted under that heading today but I noticed that once you think its resolved it gets closed out. Im not new to Roon but am having a multitude of problems. Can you please look under that heading and see if you can give me some suggestions. I have over 1300 albums I have ripped and now they are literally spreading out, deleting and copying 1 track at a time. I just upped my subscription to Roon as I think it is a great tool but Im getting frustrated and dont know whether this i all worth it. Please let me know if you can help.

Thanks, Mark Wexler

Your thread is still open … I think you inadvertently copied the entire thread into a new one and that is now closed.

You should pick up at:

Thank you Martin for your help. Im confused when a thread closes so I copied it hoping someone would see it and respond as Im pretty frustrated at this point. Thanks again for responding!