Delete of TIDAL album from library does not delete the playlist selections

I am using the most recent release of Roon Core and Remote. All deletions were done directly on the Roon Core. Tidal albums were added to the Roon Library and tracks from them added to Roon Play lists. The Tidal Roon library entries were then deleted entirely (all check boxes selected) but none of the entries in the play lists are deleted. I must go in and manually delete the entries in each playlist - very frustrating…Tidal tracks in the playlist that I have deleted show as “unavailable tidal tracks” but are still in the playlist until I manually delete them.

Can any magic be done here ? Or playing with focus options?

No sure what magic you are referring to - Adding Tidal albums/track to Roon library and playlists works fine - deleting the albums (using Roon’s delete function in the Album editor selection also works fine, it just doesn’t delete the entries from the playlists. Library cleanup shouldn’t be necessary to have changes to Roon’s dbms/library be made effectcive.

Try to restart Roon Core after you’ve delete the album.

I’m reporting a problem, I already have a workarround. If you have to restart Roon to make changes effective then there is a bug that needs fixing. It deletes all the albums and tracks ok (they show in the library under library maintenance which you can run to do the cleanup at your option) - its just the playlists that are an issue. I was deleting the Tidal content because I obtained CD for the same content and was deleting the Tidal content and moving favorites/playlists to the CD.

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Hey Alfred,

For the moment, this is working as designed. A track can be in your library or in a playlist, but there’s no connection between the two and deleting from one will not affect the other.

I can imagine some cases where you want to preserve a playlist even after content has been removed from your library (like if you saved the history of what was played at a party) but in any event automatically deleting content from playlists isn’t something we would do lightly – people put a lot of effort into their playlists and right now the only way to remove content it to select it and explicitly remove it.

If this is important to you, feel free to open a feature request and we can keep an eye on demand for this change I’m going to look into adding “Select Unavailable” to the playlist selection menu as well, so we can at least make this a bit quicker for you :wink:


Putting a select unavailable in the playlist selection would do nicely. I understand your rational about retaining the entries and concur in principle. If this needs to be moved to requested features please do so, but your suggestion is a fine solution. I am frequently deleting and moving playlist selections to higher quality versions of tracks as I can get them - so this is most frequently an issue with Tidal content, but also occurs when I get high quality content from HDtracks or acquire a good vinyl copy and do a 24X192 rip (usually replacing CD or Tidal versions). Thanks