Delete or Hide Top-Level-Genre


i would like to know if there is any opportunity to delete or hide the Top-Level Genres like “Religious”, “Holiday” or “Children´s”. In my case it is annoying to flip through 34 genres, many of whom i don´t even use.

Otherwise i would like to keep Roon Genres like “Electronic”, “Jazz” or “Stage & Screen” i often use to discover new music. Because I have also some own genres i have activated both, “Genres from Roon Database” AND “Genres extracted from files” in the Import Settings.

Thanks for your help!


Is there no one who can help me solve this problem?

Hi Gerald,

Sorry no one has responded to your questions. I’ll give it a try.

Currently, you cannot hide or delete genres in Roon. The only way to not see a Genre when using Focus is to make sure none of the Albums or Artists have that particular Genre.

You could use Focus to show albums with the genres you don’t want and then remove those genre. You would have to also remove all Sub genres as well. This might be too much work though.

As for the genres you like, you can always do a Focus and then create a Bookmark to quickly access them next time.

More info on Bookmarks here.

Hope that helps.

Cheers, Greg

what’s sad is how much of a joke the Children’s genre is. Shel Silverstein is the writer, Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison is the album…

This would be a great feature to have! I just went through my Christmas albums and removed every subgrenre and kept Christmas. Thankfully there were only 54 in my library.

But throughout the year, I don’t want to hear these albums. I don’t want to live in Focus settings. I would rather hide this genre or have the ability to exclude it from shuffle.

Spoken word is another one.

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