Deleted a Tag - Can I get it back?

I just added 58 albums to a new tag called best of.

Whilst doing this I tried to delete 3 best of albums that I had in another tag with 62 albums. I ended up deleting the entire tag.

Is there anyway I can undo this without having to roll back to my last back up?

If I roll back to last back up I will lose all the 58 albums in my new tag.

I don’t think Roon has any ‘Undo’ features at all, so no. How hard can the Tag be to recreate? What do the albums have in common? The text filter on search is very useful now for gathering potential albums together for tagging purposes. Were they all added at the same time (sort by date added) or in a common folder?

Which might be a feature request :raising_hand_man:

Maybe, but I would rather be able to individually back up tags, playlists etc and restore them individually to the existing DB, rather than the ‘all or nothing’ restore that Roon has at the moment.

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Thanks for the reply, I was just being lazy, I’ve recreated the tag and everything is good.