Deleted duplicate files and now album is missing from library [Resolved]

Running Roon on Mac with my files on a Synology NAS.

I mistakenly ripped the same album twice, and as a result, there were duplicates of all the tracks in the album’s directory on the NAS. Roon imported all the tracks, so the album showed up once in the Roon library, but it included both sets of tracks.

I probably should have deleted the duplicates in Roon, but instead, I went deleted the duplicate files directly from the NAS, leaving the originals. Now the album is missing completely from Roon and I can’t get it back…

I even tried copying the directory to another storage location, but Roon is not importing it. And it doesn’t show up in skipped tracks.


Nevermind… I deleted the original tracks from the NAS and re-ripped them. Roon was then able to import. In the future, I will only delete from the Roon app…