Deleted Duplicates after reinstall

Roon Core Machine

Win 11
Intel NUC10i7, CPU@1,10 GHz 1,61 GHz
Ram 64GB

Networking Gear & Setup Details

FRITZ!Box 7590/Ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

Seagate HD 16TB, USB

Number of Tracks in Library

about 920000

Description of Issue

Hello,after spending some time organizing my sammling (deleting duplicates, merging albums and so on…), I came into the situation of having to reinstall Roon. So I renamed the folder to roonold and reinstalled it. After the program has read in my collection, I am faced with my old problem, >1000 duplicates are displayed, but I can no longer delete them and have to put albums together, I did month before?!
In addition, I can’t hide the duplicate albums!
excuse my bad english, answer in german much appriciated!

I believe renaming the Roon folder has caused Roon to see your reinstallation as a “fresh” install thus creating a new database.
Your previous edits would be contained in the old database. Roon does not make changes to the music files.
Are you able to restore from a backup?

Tryed it, but after 72 hrs I stopped it…

Have you tried deleting the new Roon folder and naming the old one back to its original name?

Note: This is a suggestion. I do not know if this can work or is advisable.

may be possible, but how long to wait till the restore is finished?!
The new readin needet about 48 hrs.

I’m sorry, I do not know.
Your library is very large.
My library has 98,000 tracks and when I restored from a backup it only took a few minutes.

Thank you, let’s see what the specialists here have to say…

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Trying reinstall again, seems to work till now (40%)…
…still workin 24hrs later…and the number of undeleteable dubs is reduced, but there are still a lot…

Have now installed the old database, it is running. Nevertheless, I still have the problem with duplicates that I cannot delete:

The reason will be that I installed a 6 month old backup, but in the meantime I have deleted many things. Just hope roon deletes this data when the original location no longer exists. It is often the case that roon only deletes the musicfiles, the pictures etc., and thus also the folder, are preserved. Can this be changed? What about a new backup, does roon keep the old files in mind, and continue to claim them as duplicates?

in the meantime, the number of duplicates detected has been significantly reduced
… I thought, had just forgotten that I had set a filter…

Check Storage settings and be sure your E: drive is not listed twice.
Then do a forced rescan.

I am not sure if you are trying to delete:
(A) instances of tracks appearing as duplicates in Roon for which you have one file (a problem I have experienced)
Or (B) if you are trying to delete duplicate files of the same tracks or prevent duplicates from displaying in Roon.

My suggestion above was for (A)
If the issue is (B) you are correct: Roon deletes the music files but not the folder or other files within the folder.
I think the only way to remove the remaining folder is to delete it manually from the hard drive.

If you don’t wish to delete duplicate music files you could try disabling “Show Hidden Tracks and Albums”

Hi, thx for your answer…but rescan I did more than twice…
have the problem that I moved the contents of a folder (E:/0sampler/…) to E:. How long will it take for roon to realize that the 0sampler folder no longer exists? Furthermore, I have different places where the music is sputtered, but currently only use one place, the rest are backups

This problem began for me after I moved some album folders to different locations on my hard drive.
Those albums started showing up as duplicates even though the original locations no longer existed.
I could not delete the duplicates. When I tried Roon told me those locations no longer existed.
Yet the albums continued to appear in Roon.

To resolve this I first forced a backup of my database - to be safe.
Then I deleted all storage locations from Roon and restarted my core.
I then added my storage location again.
After Roon finished indexing, my duplicates were gone.
It was not necessary to restore my database from a backup.

You’ll want to be sure there are no duplicate paths in your storage locations.
Neither your library backup disc or your Roon database backups should be set as a storage location.

will try it that way…
hope, I don´t have to rename all my bootlegs, done it before…

…still the problem with undeleteable duplicates…

That´s not the only file, there are more of this kind…

Hi Matthias

In the first pic,. The actual path files are unreadable. It is the comparison between them that will lead clues.

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I’m not sure how you are currently making those screenshots, but this way should produce better results…

THX for this, didn´t know how to…