Deleted many albums then Roon added them back!

For some reason I had many duplicate albums that would not play (they were original FLAC files, which are fine, but they duplicated an ALAC file with the same tracks but no sound). I’ve spend many, many hours deleting those files and cleaning up metadata so that my playlists will work. While I’m working in Roon, all of a sudden the files I deleted are being added back! Many hours of work down the drain and now what? How do I get rid of them? They were gone and then they came back. Appreciate your help.

How have you deleted them?

Have you tried focus/format/alac? This should bring up all your alac files in your watched folders from where you can delete them. With long press (right click) and select all you can then delete them alll in one go. However note that this deletes the files fron your watched folders so they are gone completely so be sure you never want them again before you do this.

Is it possible that the files are read only protected?

Hi @Andrew_Steinman ----- Just wanted to check in and see if any progress has been made here with the advice given by @philr and @Paul_Chatfield. Let me know and if more assistance is needed I will be glad to lend a hand.


Eric: thanks. Yes, I’ve made progress. Not sure still why the files deleted and then returned, but I messed with genres and can now build the smart playlists I’ve been working on getting back since I left iTunes. I’m learning about using Focus! Love Roon but it does take some work initially. Just started to mess with Tidal and love the integration with Roon. Have a great New Year.

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Hi @Andrew_Steinman ----- Thank you for the follow up, glad to hear you were able to sort this out. A happy an healthy New Year, to you as well.