Deleted streaming service album/track report

Hi all,

Could not find this request anywhere but perhaps it has been exhausted already.

Since streaming services can remove favourited album and tracks without any notice, could Roon have a built-in stremaing service database check tool every time it starts up or on an ongoing basis?


  1. Album/track added by user
  2. Roon saves the info to the database instantaneously
    3a. Roon performs check between streaming service database and the Roon database and displays the results in some form of notification (deletions, changes etc); or alt
    3b. Roon performs this check on start-up

Right now I have zero confidence in the streaming service part of my library.

Many thanks!

I don’t stream, but if a album/track disappears from the local library (because is disappears from the streaming service), I presume it will show in Settings > Library > Library Maintenance ?
There’s a long standing feature request for this to show a link to what’s missing! Eg: “View Details”…

Thread is here: Clean Up Library should list the "deleted" files it proposes to remove - #15 by Edmund_Comber

ah thanks mikeb

Have added my +1 in that thread.