Deleting albums from drive on ROCK

After many problems too boring to mention, I have my files on a new drive connected to the NUC. Roon scans the drive as usual. There are anomalies and metadata mistakes and etc. I try to delete albums (which I can do on another computer using Roon) and I can’t delete…I get " permission denied " . Why? How can I fix it?


What format is the new drive and how did you load the audio files onto it?

New drive is Mac journaled loaded from another Mac journaled drive loaded by a data recovery app from an exFat drive. Do not use an exFat drive anywhere near a Mac. You should not recommend exFat without this caveat

What if I tried this: unmount the drive from the NUC and mount on Mac. Do the deletions. This deletes them from the drive, right? Then remount on the NUC, trash the ROCK database, re-scan etc. Do the cover art and meta-data grooming on ROCK.
A lot of faffing about…would it work?

Mac Journaled? There’s the problem

I have macs so I must format on a mac. What file system should I use? exFat got me into this whole thing when I tried to back it up.

Oh, I have an idea…spend another $28 for a program to format NTFS. After spending $124.00 for a program to recover the data from the wretched exFat drive.
And yes, I should have known the NUC wouldn’t write to a mac formatted drive. Maybe Linux on an old laptop…