Deleting Albums in Library


Can someone explain how I can delete albums from the Library?

Help appreciated.


To permanently delete album -


This will delete album from Roon and from disk. There’s no going back.

Maybe your just want to hide album in Roon?

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As @xxx says, it’s probably better to hide an album with Roon than delete it. There’s a few reasons:

  1. You really delete it, forever, if you own it. Believe it or not, users regularly complain “How was I supposed to know it would erase my album?”, DUH. But they do…
  2. You can select multiple albums and delete them this way, but here you really can inadvertently delete something you really didn’t want to delete. Then you will complain “How was I supposed to know it would really erase my album?”.
  3. Roon’s ‘deletion’ is messy. It removes the files but leaves other things like the folder the album was in. If you care about this, especially if one obsesses about the neatness of their file structures, this is abhorrent.
    EDIT: I just checked this behavior on my own library (ROCK on NUC). When I delete a single track in an album, or a whole album, the folder is deleted too.
    Deleting something from a streaming service is no big deal. But if you really want to clean up a library using something other than Roon is generally better. If you hide the album mostly won’t see it and that is often a preferred option.
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Since you are on this topic I have a basic question. If I have two streaming services and then decide to sign out of one of them in the settings, would that also do a clean delete of all the saved albums from that streaming service? If I later signed back in would i have to start over?

Thanks for The suggestions. I think however I explained my problem poorly. I am currently only using Roon for Tidal. In the Library folder there are some 20 albums. I would like to use it to for easy access and reminders of favourites, albums in heavy rotation, or new albums I would like to play soon, but not immidiately. I would therefore like to add and subtract albums from this ’file’ on an ongoing basis.

Perhaps there is another, better way of achieving what I am after?

Best regards


For what you want to do delete would work fine. All that does is remove the Tidal “Heart” and takes it out of your Tidal view.
You might also want to consider using Tags. You can create a Tag, “Must Try” and add that tag to albums you added from Tidal. Then when you select that Tag you’ll only see the Must Try albums. Remove the Tag and it’s out the rotation, or delete the album if you want it out of your library.
You might also want to look at some of the ideas a user raised in this post.

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No deletion happens when you log out. You just won’t see them.
If you wanted to delete all the Tidal albums, the best way would be to use Focus.
Album view>Focus>Format>Tidal/Qobuz. Then you’ll see all the albums in that service. You can hide them all or delete them all by selecting all of them, clicking Edit, then hide or delete. No real good reason to do that, I suppose, but that will actually take them out of your view whether you’re signed in or not.

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Thank you Scott for your help as always…

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Yep, just another anormality of this program. Brought to you by wannabe coders.

The hidden reply thing is great!


When would I ever look?

at what?


At the files in my Roon folder. Roon does that so I don’t have to. I just chuck them into the pot.

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well, I always get a panick attack when I see empty folders as I think aomething has gone missing… :astonished:

So offering a clean delete (including folder) does make some sense imho.


is it ok to just go into the music folder on the hard drive roon is watching and just delete files and folders from there?

You should delete them from within Roon. After that, I think you can delete them from your watched music folder. At least, I have done that with some.

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Hi Jim. But what if you want to delete a very large artist folder? I want to re-import them to see if that fixes my edits from my other issue.

I don’t know. I only have a handful of albums. I had deleted all of them from my Roon library and could not get Roon to bring them back in. So, I deleted all of them from my watched folder and then copied them back in and Roon put all of them back in my library.

Maybe give it a try with one of your albums that’s messed up. Delete from your Roon library and then delete from your watched folder. Copy back to your watched folder and see what happens.

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Yeah I was just thinking of trying that. Will see what happens. Thanks

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I would delete the albums using the file system. Then “clean up” the library In Roon after the fact.