Deleting files after migrating core

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Old Core: Win10
New Core: Synology NAS

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I previously migrated my roon library to a new core running on my NAS. It works great, and I’m really happy with the product. I’m now going through and cleaning up my windows machine, and I’d like to delete the old database that is stored locally here, but I don’t want to screw up the existing Roon client installation.

I assume that I CAN delete the …/appdata/local/roon/database folder
I assume that I CANNOT delete the …/appdata/local/roon/application folder

My first question is: Are those correct assumptions?
Secondly, can I safely delete any of the other folders there?

Thanks so much!

I would rename the current Roon directory to Roon_old. Then install Roon from scratch again this time choosing it to be a client instead of a core.

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Hi @Lucas_Ritting

I’d like to second Daniel’s suggestion here. This is the best way to make sure that everything from the database is removed from the old machine, and you can then just use it as a remote moving forward.


Once that’s done, is there a recommended way to import the settings and whatnot from the client I’ve been using?

I’m mostly interested in bringing over the DSPs that I’ve configured. I can reconfigure other stuff pretty easily, but rebuilding those will be time consuming.

If you’ve saved your DSP setup as a preset, you need not worry - can be called up from any other client.