Deleting files from Server - Best way for Roon

Hi all,

First post and 4 days into my Roon discovery - I’m dived headlong into the rabbit hole and getting deeper into the world of end points, DAC’s etc :rofl: Absolutely love Roon, you can’t believe the delight when I uninstalled iTunes!! :heart_eyes: Anyway to my point.

I’m currently running Roon on my PC with a Synology NAS used for storage (the Synology is not powerful enough to run Roon on it although I’m planning to change that). I’m ripping my CD’s and slowly converting my albums to FLAC. I have a “music” directory on my NAS which I sub divided into FLAC and MP3 folders. As the FLAC files are being added I want to delete corresponding MP3 files.

Should I just delete the files from within Roon via the Edit function or if I just delete the files from the NAS will Roon tidy up the library when it periodically scans the folders? I’d prefer to delete from the NAS as Roon leave the Artist root folders and my OCD can’t cope with that! :rofl:

Thanks in advance and be gentle with a newbie!


It’s kind of up to you. If you want the folder and album art cleaned up then delete off the Nas.
You may need to tell roon to do a scan to notice the changes.

Evidently I was wrong. I thought nothing you did in Roon would mess with your music files. I guess the NAS is your watched drive. This seems like a dangerous way to expose you music files to the whims of Roon.

Yes, it will.

It’s the one odd area where it does do things to your files. Personally I think it shouldn’t be there.
Over time due to the pendulum of user feedback the file delete has sort of waxed and waned in number of acknowledgements
Exaggerated but…
Delete, yes, Yes
Delete, yes, Yes, YES
Delete, yes, Yes, YES, YES
then back to Delete, yes, Yes
etc etc

I don’t have a NAS and never have. I also don’t have but 39 tracks, so maybe that’s why. Anyway, if I had lots of music files, I would not use a NAS. I would use a large SSD installed in my Nucleus or whatever core device I had. That drive would be backed up to two non-Roon drives, one of which would be in my safe deposit box at the bank.

Not sure what that’s got to do with Roon deleting files but good to know! :smiley::grinning:

in case you delete the file on the nas (what i also prefer) you should also clean up the library.

Roon does not delete files on an SSD or HDD except those in your Roon watched folder. When you’re talking about deleting your music files, most people would want to understand how to make sure they don’t accidently delete files they did not intend to delete.

I originally was deleting from my NAS’s drives figuring Roon was watching my shares like it says it is…but I know better. Any time I add music I have to manually initiate a scan for it to add them. I’ve been using various software packages to compare size/name/first few seconds of music to find duplicates where the meta data might be different. In that case I got all files/folders/directories and things were very tidy

Lately I’ve been using the Roon combination of duplicate albums and visual comparison. Once I’m sure they are truly duplicates I’ve been using the Edit feature in Roon to delete them. I just found out today that it does not delete the folder, just the FLAC/DSF files. I guess that makes sense for the person that does not have the files organized into discrete directories for each album. Now I have a bunch of directories that contain old Cue files, album art, etc.

Anyone know of a good way to find all folders recursively that have files inside totaling a size smaller than X, where X is smaller than a single FLAC file?

I was bummed to learn Roon did not delete the entire directory, but I see why it does what it does.

Same with a NAS, Jim. Roon only deletes the music files you are watching on the NAS. No different that if it was a local drive.

Then, people should not make statements such as this, or give a more complete explanation.

i noticed the same behaviour in the past and wrote a simple perl script that shows me a list of all folders that contains no audio files. with that list i can decide which folders i want to delete. many folders contains only metadata and should not be deleted.
it‘s not a fully automated 100% solution but this action needs not to be done that often.
in case you are familiar with handling of perl scripts in terminal prgrams i can send it to you.
you can use the script at your own risk or modify it as you need but there is no further support :wink: so be careful when deleting files! :slight_smile:
especially the filter that checks the type of audio file has to be checked. currently there is for example no .mp3 file contained because such things i don‘t have in my library :wink: so folders that contains only .mp3 files will be listed as folders that contains no audio files.

My 2p

I use Windows 10. I always delete files from File Explorer that way the deleted file/folder goes to the recycle bin. I never delete physical files from within Roon , just Tidal imports

I clean up the recycle bin periodically but deleted stuff is there short term in case of an “old age oops”

Super cautious maybe, but leave Roon to do the work

I don’t have a NAS but I would imagine it’s much the same except having to force Roon to re-sync