Deleting Genre from artist

Hi all,
Funny thing here. I have 3 albums by Billy Holiday. Originally, this was classified by Roon as, among others, Jazz, Jazz vocal, Blues, Classic Female Blues, etc.
Now I don’t want her to turn up when I select ‘Blues’ to play, so I thought to delete Blues and Classic Female Blues from the tag list.
Now when I delete Blues, up pops Classic Female Blues and vice-versa. Essentially, she’s always in my selection. Can’t get rid of her.

This is a big problem with genres in general. They are so wide as to be unhelpful (Not talking about ROON or it’s implementation here)
People say, I don’t like Blues and then miss so much great music that is not what they perceive Blues to be. That is true for all Genres.
Perhaps you should, if possible, focus on a sub genre of Blues. Although Chris Rea released an 11 CD set of original blues music in different flavours. (Blue Guitars) Celtic Blues, Chicago Blues, Texas Blues etc sort that lot out haha
Just thoughts, no solutions, sorry.

Only thing you can do to solve that is to define your own genres, tag accordingly and have Roon ignore its own genre metadata.

A further thought on Genres. I am involved in hosting live music and the dreaded question comes along, “What sort of music Is it?”
The official answer is ‘Americana’ at which point you can see ‘Country and Western’ flash through their brain.
Their loss if they don’t dig further. Anne McCue, Belle Roscoe, Eve Selis, Annie Keating, Anna Coogan, Dennis Ellsworth, Amelia Curren, Red Sky July, Ben Glover, Ward Thomas, Jess and the Bandits, Angel Snow, Catherine Mcllellan, Baskery,Grainne Duffy Blues Band, Babbajack this list just goes on and on and I’m sure I’ve left some favs out hoping they don’t read this and notice lol
The point is, How’s that for a Genre… I must get out more… Chris

@ChrislayerukI don’t want to focus on a subgenre, I want the blues, the whole blues and nothing but the blues. TIt just so happens that to me that does not include Billy Holiday. So I tweak my settings to reflect that, and that does not work as I expect it to.
btw: tx for the list, it’s a thing I’m expanding on at present. Outlaw country is new to me

I do have my own classification system, and it’s up to 90%-ish. So is Roon’s, up to 90%-ish. And I used to have Roon off, and mine on. And then at some point I didn’t pay attention, ejected some USB storage which turned out to be my Roon SSD, and then I lost all my references. Had to re-scan the whole shebang, everything back to std. So I decided not to bother (because knowing me this will definitely happen again) and stick to Roon.
Then I decided to do a little tweaking, and that does not work as advertised. As I understood it. So all the Genres that I set to ‘hidden’ still appear in my Genre overview. And if I think Angelique idjo should not be advertised as Latin and I can’t check it, that sucks.

@Egbert_Braam, you should back up your database, but you probably know that now. IAC, it’s easy to set up regular database backups and easy to restore from them.

As far as Angelique Kidjo goes, she’s from Benin, so in that sense she’s not Latin. However, she does a lot of crossover work, some of which has been with Latin artists, so I leave the classification to you. Great singer, regardless.

Amanda Shire

From a feature perspective I agree it’d be very useful (for some) to be able to turn on/off individual genres for an artist and/or album whether they originate from Roon’s metadata sources or file tags.

It would then be a simple case of using Focus to find all instances of artist = x and genre = y to produce a shortlist and remove the genre assignment you disagree with.

Now if she would bring Jason Isbel along, that would be one heck of a night of live music. Thx

Best night of music I remeber in a long time was Jason Isbel playing a couple of Skynyrd songs. Southern Music on the rocks.

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I don’t think you can beat close up Live Music. For got to add Carter Sampson, Lilly Hiatt, Kelly McCrae, Amy Spence to the list…