Deleting iTunes playlists that no longer show up in Apple Music

Roon Core Machine

So loving Roon. Pointed it to my Apple Music folder however over the years Apple seems to have done strange things with some music at root level and some under an /itunes/music folder. Adding both paths in Roon added all my old music however a bunch of old playlists were added I don’t want. I can’t delete them in Roon and they don’t show up any longer in Apple Music.

I see there is a folder within /itunes called Previous iTunes Libraries with a bunch of “iTunes Library 2015-07-21”

Would deleting those get rid of the old playlists? Also for Versions of songs I see 5 different ones from Apple Music with various pathnames. Wondering if deleting the old libraries would delete those duplicate versions too?

I realize this may be more of an Apple question but hoping some Apple users here have ideas about this.



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Never mind, I found the answer just by poking around. Used the elipsis to open Edit and used the slider bars to not import playlists. Bravo!

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