Deleting/renaming old Windows core database

I have migrated my core from a Windows 10 laptop to a ROCK NUC.

All good but now I am doing the last suggested step in the instructions: deleting/renaming the old database (as per instructions below). However, when I tried just renaming “database” to “delete-database” and launch the Windows Roon I now get the initial login screen like I’m launching Roon for the very first time.

@support What EXACTLY does rename or delete old database folder mean?

Previous Core Machine

Once ROCK is up and running, you may want to continue running Roon as a remote on the Windows or macOS machine that previously ran your Core.

In that case, we recommend renaming or deleting the Roon database folder on that machine. You can find the Roon database folder here.

This is as expected I think. You’ve removed the Roon database from the Roon installation on your Windows machine, so naturally when you start up Roon on the PC, it thinks you are starting Roon for the very first time.

And now, all you have to do is to say that you want to connect to the Core that is now presumably running on your ROCK NUC. Then you’ll be running Roon on your Windows machine as a Roon Remote, and not the all-in-one (Core plus Control) that it was originally.

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@Geoff_Coupe: thanks for reply. I just wasn’t secure in going past the “new” step but took the dive.

Renamed \database folder; re-launched Windows app; got “new” Roon user screen and opted for continue.
Got prompted for selecting my new core. All good, now a pure remote

Again, just a little jittery on taking that “new” step

Thanks, again