Deleting the Roon library completely from a Nucleus

How can I delete my roon library COMPLETELY, then import my music all over again.
The problem is I had used the default import settings (especially “Use name from roon database” and NOT “… from file”.
I have very specific album names that I want to preserve (and not have overwritten).
Even after having changed this import setting, roon is clearly UNABLE to correct all his “overwritten album names”. No offense…
So, that is why I want to restart with a COMPLETELY clean slate.
I have a roon nucleus.

Go to the Web Administration Page of the Nucleus and click the Reset button for the Database and Settings.

Could you Pls tell me what the “Web administration page” is? I am using the roon app on Mac (or iPad) and can goto settings. I do do not find a “Reset button for the Database and Settings”.

Settings, setup, configure Roon os devices, click on IP address then you will see the discussed screen.

See the Knowledge Base article for steps and pictures.

Is the Nucleus not supplied with a basic Quick Start guide? This is exactly the sort of information required to get you going?

Thanks for the answers. I logged out of roon, then logged in and restarted importing all over again. This time using the ‘album title from file’ import option.

The Nucleus is supplied with a Quick Start guide, but that directs the readers to the full Roon Guide page, rather than the Nucleus Manual page for more information. The Nucleus is not even mentioned in the table of contents of the Roon Guide. A missed opportunity, IMO.

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Thank you all for your prompt response.

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