Deleting Tracks

Could someone please advise where I’m going wrong?

On many of my album’s I have tracks I don’t like, and rather than skip them, I would like to delete them. I’ve studied Roon Knowledge, and to be honest the Edit function seems straight forward anyway, but it just won’t do what it says it can do! It is most infuriating!

If I edit using the three vertical dots, or pressing and holding the track I want to delete, and follow all the instructions and put the ticks in the correct places to delete the track, it always deletes the whole album!

I had another look this morning and decided maybe I could hide the track. Unfortunately selecting that tab does nothing!

My conclusion is that I must be doing something wrong, as the described process seems so easy.


You can ban tracks individually, deleting tracks from an album may mess up identification of same.

What’s the problem? Does Roon have permission to delete the underlying files?

Or you can ban. Double tap the heart icon.

That’s great thanks, banning tracks is the way to go.

It’s a shame that the deleting tracks architecture is in the Editing function. Also, my search in Roon Knowledge for deleting tracks perhaps could of pointed me to the ban function.

Thanks Again

When deleting a track results in automatically deleting the complete album (at the very least for a Qobuz album), I do not understand why this functionality is presented in the 1st place.
If one wants to delete an album, one should go to the edit album - delete album function.

Can you please provide some examples where deleting track is usefull/useable?

I did mean to mention that this was with Tidal albums, but thought I would wait to see if anyone asked.

I did think about trying one of my own albums that are ripped to the Zenith. But decided not to because if the whole album was deleted, I would have to go fishing for the album to re-rip it.

I have had the same problem. Now, before saving album to library I just save the tracks I want. This seems to work and I guess it forces you to think about culling before you save the entire album.