Demo Roon for a Friend as His House on His Stereo Equip.?

I’m thinking of bringing my laptop (which holds my Roon core) to a friend’s house to demo it for him on his stereo, using his wifi. He thinks he has Roon-compatible components, so connecting shouldn’t be a problem. I can’t think of any reason not to do this - am I missing anything?

Cool. I do demos like this fairly regularly. If your laptop has a wired Ethernet port, I’d suggest using that instead of Wi-Fi. You never know how robust your friend’s Wi-Fi is, and it would kind-of suck for your demo to be flakey due to network issues. If your laptop does not have an Ethernet port, I’ve had great luck with this inexpensive adapter:

This may require you to put your laptop somewhere far from your friend’s listening room, but that’s okay. You can control everything from phones, tablets, etc. No need to have your laptop in front of you. If your friend has a laptop, install the Roon app on that and show them the full desktop experience using that instead of your laptop.

Oh, make sure that your laptop is configured to stay “awake” when plugged in. Don’t want it to go to sleep in the middle of your listening session. Have a great time!


Good idea - I might have forgotten to bring my Ethernet adapter, thanks!

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I’d suggest making it a two stage process if you can.

First stage - a technical trial, check that everything works and allow some time to fix things if it doesn’t.

Second stage - listening audition.

That way you won’t experience the anxiety and frustration of technical issues delaying the audition. It may be that the two stages can be conducted on the one day, or it may be that different days suit you both.

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