Denafrips Ares II don´t appear in Roon

I have a ROCK NUC i5 with the latest versión of Roon, and a Usbridge Signature connected via ethernet to internet and via USB to Denafrips Ares II.

Without changing anything, the Denafrips does not appear in Roon anymore.

I changed the USB cable and rebooted all, even the NUC, but the problem persists … any idea there?

Hi @Juan_Ignacio_Cucalon

Do all of your other devices show up okay?

Does this device show up in Settings > Audio at all?

Is the usb input on the Ares selected?

Nothing at all shown in Audio. In About, the raspberry appears.

The other raspberry with ropieee I have with a SMSL M500 is shown without problems

Yes, usb is selected in Ares.

Does it work on another device?

Can you access the allo web page on the signature?

roon bridge show up in settings about on the core, so what about if you plug the ares into the other RPi you have it should be detected if it’s working too

At the end, clean usb in allo usbridge signature does not work. Plugging the dac to other usb (the one for wifi) works perfectly in Roon, so the problem is that usbridge clean usb stopped working.
Thanks for your support!