Denafrips fifo buffer and roon multiroom

Hi one and all

I’m still looking into my next dac and now researching the Venus II. The other contender is Gustard R26 which has roon bridge installed and I understand doesn’t data buffer.

On Venus II, with a variable buffer delay of up to 300ms I have read this will have an audible sync impact when using multiroom. Does the Denafrips fifo buffer delay create sync issues in roon multi room and is there a way to successfully counter sync issues in Roon DSP/Settings?

Also anyone feeding a Venus II from ultra Rendu with success, I will use bare without DDC/reclock being my second main system - so this also needs factoring in.

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences

Thanks all
Rob D

maybe @alvin1118 might like to comment

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