Denon AVC-A110 - device label and connection

Speakers: KEF RDM3
Integrated Amp: Denon AVC-A110
Roon Core: Asus Vivo
Audio Source: iMac late 2012 (connected to Integrated Amp via HDMI)
Router: Asus GT-AC5300

2 issues:

  1. Roon detected my AVC-A110 as is, but Roon tested model is incorrectly being labeled as (AVR-A110) at Roon software, hence device is only showing as other devices as AVC-A1100 instead of Roon Tested which shouldn’t be - how should I fix this?

  2. my iMac should be able to transmit 192Mhz but will create strange noises if I do so. I downsampled it to 96Mhz which works sometimes, however sometimes particularly MQA / FLAC files down-sampling to 96Mhz will create noises (creeping sound) - is it a setting problem that can be fixed for 192Mhz for dialing that at 96Mhz?

Thanks very much.

Hello @Jacky_Leung,

Thanks for letting us know of this and for your patience while we got a chance to reply. I had hoped it was going to be sooner :pleading_face:

Let’s not waste a moment more :nerd_face:

  1. If Roon has incorrectly identified your device, could you please use the instructions below to manually identify your device?
  1. When listening to 192Mhz, what is your Signal Path showing? Could you please try playing the same 192Mhz track to System Output - do you hear the same noise?

Thanks :pray:

Thanks Rebecca. I cannot change the identifier as it was already identified by Roon as Denon AVC-A110 displaying in others (which is essentially the same as Denon AVR-A110 which is Roon tested as is correctly accepted by Roon as Roon tested). So I guess Roon as to update the back-end to reflect Denon AVC-A110 = AVR-A110 = Roon Tested - really appreciate this.

I will check on the signal path on 192Hz and revert if I have any questions. How about 96Hz - it works most of the time and have occasionally strange noises? Appreciate it.

Hello @Jacky_Leung,

Thanks for the quick follow up :nerd_face:

I double checked and you are right. When the certification process for the Denon AVC-A110 will be complete, the device will be correctly identified in Roon. You can check for that update here:

As far as the strange noises even with lower quality, it might have to do with the network connection. Could you please tell us more about how your audio devices are connected to your Core?

Also, if you have a moment to give this a read, it will prove to be a great foundation:

Thanks :pray:

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Thanks a lot Rebeka. If there is a way to manually change my Roon auto detect (Wifi) from Denon AVR-A110 to Denon AVC-A110 let me know as they are essentially the same machine and just different labeling in different market (it was strange as Denon confirmed to us AVC-A110 is Roon tested). There is no way to manually override it as yet

Hey @Jacky_Leung,

Thanks for following up - what you’d like to see will happen as soon as the certification of the device is complete. I am afraid there is no way to change it before that…:sweat: