Denon AVR Roon Tested

Looking at getting a Denon AVRX-3800H receiver. Anyone using a later model Denon AV receiver? Specs say it’s Roon tested. I assume that means it’ll work directly, not via airplay etc? And will the receiver show up as a display to send the on screen information, cover art/ lyrics etc. to? The receiver will be the sole feed to a projector, so no other boxes or sources will be able to show onscreen without going through the Denon. Thanks.

@Carguy, Roon Tested means that the device works over a supported third-party interface such as Chromecast or AirPlay, or is supported via a USB port. Roon Ready means that the device supports Roon’s RAAT protocol natively and may have other features controllable from within Roon. It appears that this Denon receiver does not support Roon RAAT natively but can be used as a Roon endpoint via another interface.

Don’t forget HDMI which is the most likely connection for an AV amp and that RAAT is actualy for both USB and HDMI connections from a core or bridge it is not just Roon Ready.

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I have the AVR-X8500H and it’s connected to my NUC/RCCK with HDMI. Plays Stereo and multi-channel PCM up to 192/24. Will not play DSD over HDMI. In my case the video only displays the NUC boot screen.

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