Designing my system for Roon

My current main system consists of Mac Mini i5 (2011) with 16GB RAM and 256 SSD connected to a Zodiac Silver DAC going to my MBL 7008 on to my MBL 126. I have a spare i7 3.4GHz 32 GB RAM and 256 SSD running Win7 in my server room that I intend to dedicate to Roon. The Mac Mini can be an endpoint but I would really like to replace it with dedicated hardware but the question is what? My initial thought was replacing the MBL 7008 with a Devialet D200 but the Roon integration there seems to take a long time. Second thought was to buy a Meridian MS600 to be an endpoint and replace the Zodiac Silver but without a Meridian Core the updates to the MS600 looks a bit shaky… Any suggestions apart from waiting?


@Henrik The MS600 could be a good option, Meridian have assured us that a standalone method of fw updating is coming soon, I can confirm from personal experience that streaming from Roon to the MS600 works perfectly.


Thanks Russ.

Another Meridian alternative would be an MS200. I used to own one and liked it.

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It also does t need a power supply if you have a newer pair of Meridian speakers.

It comes with a power supply for normal use. Powered via the SL link is a bit more the exception. Just thought I’d mention in case it seems you don’t get a psu