Desire to duplicate TIDAL tracks

I have just been merging albums in roon.
I merged Rihanna’s loud together with my CD copy to get the bonus track included.
The unavailable bonus track was ungrouped and at one point I had 3 loud albums.
After merging there was only the complete album and the album containing the removed track.
By hiding that album I was pretty much done.

I’m not a big fan of missing tracks.

Next stop was american pie by Don McLean.
Here no local copies was involved. This time there was 4 albums reduced to 3 and then hiding all but final version.

Now the topic starts:
With Red Hot Chili Peppers higher ground is missing twice and if I could clone a tidal track I would be able to merge the track in both locations. The fact that you are dealing with tracks while TIDAL is importing full albums makes it a bit messy to work with. If you remove two tracks you might end up removing the full album.

@support am I doing something wrong?