Desired: direct path to the browser

I love the universal back button. But when I have followed many links from artist to album to other artists, back-back-back-back is not a convenient way to get back to the browser. And the hamburger menu is not a very touch oriented UX model.

I would suggest a Home icon up top, near the back/forward buttons. And have it go back to the most recent view and position of the browser; from there I can change contents or sort order.

You could also put icons for artists, albums, etc. but they may become tricky to recognize. Either way.

Have you tried creating a bookmark for for you preferred home screen ?

Bookmarks are great. But I use them to get to content, my personal groupings of things.
This desire was about navigating in the app.
And specifically, I wanted it to go to the current browser context: if was most recently browsing albums sorted by date, take me there; if I was browsing artists by hair color, take me there.

Hey @AndersVinberg – I agree we need to do better here.

One thing you might try when you have a keyboard handy is Tab + [1-10]. The browsers are numbered top to bottom, and this is a quick way to get around the stack you’ve accumulated and go right back to the browser.

Not a perfect solution, but it is quick.

That’s great. We are mostly about touch, but when we have a keyboard it’s a good thing. Adobe PhotoShop is great at this, aimed at pros, has lots of keyboard shortcuts, pretty much the entire keyboard with or without Alt, Ctrl and Shift or combinations.

So I like it. But still, its about touch…