Desk top access

J river allows full desktop to be viewed from file menu . Roon should do the same.
While I use a Remote Desktop viewer to perform this task it’s nice if Roon did this.
I use all headless but at times it’s needed. Furthermore while running Roon server
Access to desktop if other pcs used would be cool too. In my setup I have three PC s running. One is a Windows nas drive server then the player PC that streams to the DAC PC. As ypu recommend a two PC setup that is better please add this feAture . Also hiw is that ISO request going Jriver and foobar do this lol. Roon is exp as such let loose with the feature. And yes I know as told it’s complex. What I really think it is like tidal is it’s not gonna happen. So say it if it ain’t so hahahahaha

I run Roon in a window and can shrink it to see the desktop at any time. Is that what you are asking for ? Other computers can be accessed by Remote Desktop.

There are no plans to implement ISO support so far as I know. Roon supports DSF files and there are a number of conversion utilities to convert ISO to DSF.

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Good morning and thanks for the reply so no iso ok but it would be nice to have for many of us
As for desk top that does not work in roon server only in gui mode
Amd yes Remote Desktop works but it’s also a program that uses too many resources I use VNC
Just askiing fornthe Desktop as i use win 2016 it does not allow a mix and f win 10 and 2016 for Remote viewing