Details for New Tidal Albums

I mainly use Roon to listen to Tidal.

A very high percentage of new Tidal albums have no details other than a track title, @support what is Roon doing to keep up to date and provide the missing details?

These details are why we use Roon to access and play music instead of directly using Tidal or other software on a music server. Viz: composer details and artists playing other than the title artist. An album review if possible would be nice. When we come to classical music how about all those missing details on which composer and orchestra and when the recording was made?

Can you give us some examples?

An extreme example is one of the recent releases under the “Classical” Genre -Andre Cluytens Complete Stereo orchestral recordings. These are simply listed as tracks 1 to 180. with descriptions such as Symphony No 4. There are hundreds of Symphony’s that are number four. Who wrote It? Which Orchestra is performing? When was it recorded. I have tried looking up the album on the Internet. This is cataloged as 65 CDs. So thew Tidal listing looks to be incomplete and there is no way of referencing track 180 to a disc to work out what the music actually is. I would love to listen to some of this, but have no idea how to find out which recordings to listen to.

Another random example is from the Genre Jazz New albums. Fred Frith You are here. Many of the new releases are like this.

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