Detect hardware connected to phone?

Not sure this one is technically possible - but can we detect what DAC has been connected to a phone?

Roon allows for the phone as an endpoint (which is great) and I can set up the DSP on it if I don’t set it as a private zone, use a laptop to change DSP and then set it back to private. But it is restricted to the DAC of the phone - which makes sense.

But if I plug my audioquest, meridian explorer or mojo into the phone, it would be neat to be able to detect the connected DAC and be able to set the DSP for that. Ideally for “mobile” DACs it would be useful to detect that the DAC has been used before and use the DSP set previously - regardless of the device it is connected to.

Any chance of that happening one day?

I doubt it. The phone is acting as a Roon Bridge where the audio interconnect is something other than USB, e.g. Lightning or MTP. This is a similar scenario to connecting my Chord 2Qute to the Allo DigiOne (S/PDIF) where the endpoint is the Allo not the DAC. I suspect Roon can’t “see” the DAC.

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Thanks. That’s what I suspected. I was hopeful because when I plug in different DACs the phone knows what is connected to it. It would need the roonbridge to be able to communicate this back.

It is an interesting one. Should DSP be on the device or the DAC level. Usually those 2 are the same thing. But not always.