Deutsche Grammophon PROJECT XII releases

I’ve been taking a bit of an interest in Deutsche Grammaphon’s PROJECT XII releases.

The “XII” project, with which Deutsche Grammophon presents new works by innovative and creative contemporary musicians. “XII” began in January 2019

They release a vinyl album each year that collects the 12 releases together but digital users are left to do it themselves. Having taken the time to put these together I thought I’d share them with folk in case anyone’s interested. If you’re a Tidal user there’s a playlist for these.

If you’re a Qobuz user I’ve prepared a few playlists:

I’m enjoying well enough.



Thanks for your efforts!! In Roon I am listening now to your 2021 Qobuz playlist.

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I’ll try to remember to keep the 2021 list up to date as the releases come out, but it’d be a triumph of hope over experience to suggest that I’ll not forget now and then.

It should be great if you are able to regularly update the 2021 list. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::+1:

Thanks a lot, very interesting music

It really would, my intentions are good, but they generally are. My memory is another matter. Have added a monthly calendar appointment which should help.

Great! :+1: :+1::+1: :+1::+1: :+1:

In an unlikely turn of events I’ve actually remembered to check this but no sign of Aprils release yet :frowning:

OK, it’s unlikely to get better than this, within 22 minutes of the Spotify announcement I’ve added this to the Qobuz playlist :slight_smile:


Out much earlier this month and added to the Qobuz playlist.

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Thanks for your work. :pray:

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Latest release added today (sorry it’s been around a week or so):

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Sorry, been away for a while for various reasons but go straight back to this at least. The release is a few days old but is now on the Qobuz list:


She only has 4 tracks in total on Qobuz. This is the only one from Project XII.

I’d like to hear more of her stuff.

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Good idea! Thanks

All caught up :slight_smile:

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There’s a little more here but not listened to it all, and don’t know if there are any other compositions there.

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Excellent. Thanks.

There are a few there I haven’t heard. I think there are four on Qobuz (“Was”, “Vater”, “Unverzagt” and “Please tell my mum”). I’ve heard “Polyamorie” before but none of the others.

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All done again, will look for 2022 stuff soon.

Not forgotten these but DG may have done. Longest I’ve ever stayed UTD :wink: