Devialet 220 uncertified after last Roon update (416)

My Devialet 220 started to show as uncertified after last Roon update (also diapering from audio devices). Restarted Devialet, Roon OS, ROCK and re-installed Roon OS nothing helped. Had to use AIr, then after 2 days it was OK again. Had to restart the Devialet yesterday as it did not turn on from Roon, and now it’s uncertified again! Restarted Roon OS and ROCK (uing Ethernet and the last FW).
@support .

Also when I try to use Air i get “Audio devices refuses to switch input to Roon”, same as last time and I need to re-start the Devialet before it works with Air again. The Devialet is not Roon ready yet, as usual the end users are doing the beta testing.

EDIT: This time it will not play from from Air after after re-start of Devialet and Roon OS.

EDIT2: Started the other 220 on WIFI, and this one is OK but not the one on Ethernet is not

Hi @ToreB,

Can you please reach out to Deivalet and let them know these symptoms?
They would be able to better help in regards to this issue.


Switched to wifi, and it’s OK.

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