Devialet Air 2.1.4 beta4 and Roon on Windows 10 click and plops

I know there have been lots and lots issues with Air and this isn’t propably a new one, but the search option didn’t find a previous one, so…

Last week i bought Roon lifetime and took this as an oppurtunity to re-install my music PC with windows 10 LTSB (it was windows server 2012r2 before, but this gave the well known white noise after some hours of continous playing.)

I installed Air 2.1.4 beta4 on the machine, together with roon server. No problems so far. After indexing the music from the Qnap NAS i started playing and all went fine for about 2 hours. Then the music starts stuttering and plopping. Only restarting Air or switching the devialet off and on seems to solve it for the moment.

Last evening before to go to bed i stopped the music from playing (at that moment everything was fine). This morning the devialet was plopping again, while there was no music playing for a whole night… The plops even preventing the devialet going to stand-by (which it should do after about 6 hours or so). This seems strange to me and i didn’t have this before.

So it’s no white noise this time, but i am not sure if this is progression from the last situation.

Does anybody have experience with this and maybe know some settings, buffer or otherwise i can try?

Thanks in advance!

Don’t use AIR 2.1.4 with windows 10, if you use AIR 2.1.3 you should get much better results. However make sure you remove all traces of the AIR 2.1.4 before installing 2.1.3. I have both a MAC on AIR 3 and a PC on AIR 2.1.3 and both work perfectly if only use a wired Ethernet connection. Believe me WiFi is a tool of the devil.

Thank you! For now it seems to work better although, i did hear about 2 soft clicks sounding like vinyl in a 1,5 hour session. Have to check it out for a longer session one of these days.