Devialet Air & control broiken with latest update (884)

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus server, V1.0 Build,227
Labs software V1.0 Build 12
Roon Server V1.8 Build 884
Database 99% of 55GB available.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Draytek Router, TP Link Gig switches, Unifi Wireless. Tidal Streaming, Bluesound Vault NAS File Library. Everything wired except ipad/ iphone controls.
Streams over Devialet AIR to a Devialet D440 Amp.

I’m a Dealer, have had this setup for several years, running mint. Ran latest Roon OS update- Jan 2nd.
This update has broken all control to the Devialet Amps. All other end points operating fine. Will power up amplifier, but says ‘audio device in unavailable’ or ‘audio device in use’ as though something else is using it. No other computers of devices have Devialet AIR even installed, so this can’t be the case.
As usual, have reinstalled the Roon OS, restarted all the devices and amplifier.
Something in Build 884 seems to have broken the control and feedback from the Devialet amps.
My impression was that the update was all about the database…?
This is really simple control stuff and shouldn’t be being messed with from one OS to another.
If you guys could check it out and let me know what’s bee changed here, that would be great.
Thanks, Dan

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Found the solution. First, disabled the two Devialet endpoints used - AIR and Airplay. When re-enabling them, there’s three versions of the Devialet visible now- Airplay, Devialet AIR, and ‘ROON’. The ROON automatic detection shuts down the AIR one from working. Whatever you have changed, only the ROON endpoint option functions. This is fine, but perhaps you should remove the other endpoint detection method, because if it doesn’t work, when ROON endpoint detection is there, why keep it?
Thanks, Dan

Sincerely hoping I don’t need to go through this whole process for every one of my ROON/ Devialet customers…

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