Devialet AIR woes (was TIDAL issues, but turned out to be Devialet AIR)

With the latest build, Tidal is not working as well as build 29.

The only change between 29 and 30, and literally the ONLY change is that when TIDAL fails to connect, it tries again. After 1 second, the problem related to the leap second on the TIDAL side resolves itself.

Can you explain what is not working as well?

Music keeps trying connecting to Tidal (loading from Tidal) and won’t play. If one song played, it will stop on the next. Clicking forward or previous, and/or pause action may helps a bit. But this is not a solution. On Build 29, I have smooth playing from song to song, maybe loading time slightly longer on first song on a playlist.

Anyway to go back to Build 29?

One more thing, during loading (the audio bar swiping left and right), when I click pause, and try to reclick play again, Roon won’t play. Only by clicking forward button, then it starts to load again (but still won’t play, it just keep searching).

Have been trying during the day till now (more than 10 hours) and have no success in playing Tidal now with Roon after the new update. Using Tidal desktop app works.

Hey Gary!

Can you send us some logs using the ID I sent you a few weeks ago? We’d like to make sure we’re understanding the issue properly. Just let me know when you’ve submitted them, and we’ll take a look.


Hi Mike,

I tried sending but the sending won’t complete. I managed to install build 29 back onto my Mac (Core) but Win8.1 Tablet (Remote) runs build 30. This setup, Tidal runs smoothly.

New update: Win8.1 Tablet (Remote) running Build 30, Mac Mini (Server) running Build 29. Playing Tidal playlist, again the Win Tablet has the bar swiping left and right but music is playing in the background. I have several songs played but the Remote still won’t show the song being played.

Hmm, everything you’re describing (inability to send logs, problems with remote, issues streaming Tidal) all sound like networking issues to me.

What’s your network setup like Gary?

Well, I thought so at first, too. But, now that it’s working with Build 29 on Mac and Build 30 on Win8.1 Tablet, this discount my network issue.

My Mac is wired to a router and my tablet is wifi 300Mbps to a router.

Ok, I just sent you a PM with another way to get us some logs. We’ll take a look and get a better sense of what’s happening here.

Thanks @hk6230!

We are experiencing very slow load times now. After restart of the computer and restart of Roon, it can take several minutes to load the Roon library.

I really wonder what I am doing wrong in Tidal… On looking for Jan Garbarek, I found a lot of albums but none of them would play. When I select play album or play track nothing happens. Same thing with Manu Katchė, out of 4 albums found on Tidal, only one would play. Could anyone check if he can play any album af those two artists? Thanks

Me too!, I found ploblem playing TIDAL after upgrade to Build 30.
Cannot play music from TIDAL, but can still play everything from my storage HDD.
The first time when the ploblem begin, The red small word ‘TIDAL_Account_Error’ appear a second on my computer.
After a few times I try to solve the ploblem by log-out and re log-in TIDAL that word has gone, But Still cannot play any song from TIDAL.

Hey guys, let’s make sure we’re keeping this thread on-topic. @hk6230 is reporting that Tidal playback has gotten worse with the latest build. If you’re experiencing the same issue, definitely let us know, but if you’re having a different issue, it will be easier for us to help if you start a new thread.

@ciamara and @Invinoinvinoveritas – are these new issues that started in the last few days with Build 30?

@THAMOD, I’ll be in touch and we’ll get some more information about your issue. Sorry for inconvenience!

Any chance that I can download a copy of Build 29 Win version?

Sorry for being OT, yes I remember the problem was in build 29 as well, I will come up with more of that on Monday in a new thread (or just remove my comment in a new one) Ciao.

For More Information,
Today I’ve try Build 30 on Mac OS 10.10.3 (Mac Mini MID 2011 / Modify RAM 16GB & SSD)
It’s work well, can play TIDAL.

For Me, This mean ploblem occur in WIN 7 only.

Latest update: Mac (Core) on build 29 and Win Tablet (Remote) on build 30, after playing for the whole morning, it won’t play Tidal anymore from afternoon. I decided to update Mac to build 30 once more.Tidal plays but unpredictable. It may stop half way into a song, a few seconds into a song, finished one song and won’t load the next, (clicking forward) will load the next song. And at times, an error message appeared stating tidal account error.