Devialet 'AIR3' beta (mac only)

For anyone that’s interested, Devialet released beta of AIR3 today…

See Devialetchat

And the original Deviate (sic) post in the comments here:

Excellent News, if they get a windows version out, I’ll put the dev back in the running.

Early days yet but the initial reports are encouraging. I guess it will become clear over the coming weeks/months as to whether they’ve actually cracked it, on a Mac at least!

While I am interested to see how (and when) AIR3 will play out for Windows, it’s no longer an issue for me. The Sonore uRendu has made use of the Devialet within the Roon ecosystem an awesome match.

IF AIR3 turns out to be as good as the uRendu (and actually works :wink: then I can always use the uRendu in a secondary system. But that’s a mighty big IF.

Pretty much my thoughts (although I’m Mac based), but there is a certain irony in Devialet releasing this while my microRendu - bought primarily because AIR doesn’t work - is stuck in customs!

Time will tell whether AIR3 is stable and reliable. As you probably know, some Devialet users think a day without issues is acceptable - perhaps because they’ve been subjected to AIR for so long anything seems like a bonus - but for me its got to be weeks/months before I’ll use it. OK I’ve not been using it as much as my main hifi, but Roon Bridge on the Pi2 hasn’t given me one bit of trouble so far, and I expect no less of AIR.

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Steve - the Devialet Beta version is quite old.

Responded at Devialetchat forum…

Tried AIR 3.0 on MacBook on Dev 120, and Dev on ETH.

I actually played three track before it dropped. However I did not do any critical listening, but I thought it sounded BRILLIANT and just before i got excited, it dropped!. No white noise whats-so-ever for those three tracks.

Infact it got stuck and Roon did not show any ZONE (my fav MacBook USB was also not visible). I had to re-start MacBook to get back to listening music.

I m suggested ( Steve ) to try out iTunes. Will try and update how it goes!.

@Jnan_Devi_Roon - you have to page down to the bottom of the thread on the Devialet site for the beta version to find the reference to AIR3. (which is not beta AIR 2.1.4). For now, they just put the Mac version in a dropbox folder for preliminary testing. But there are a couple of actual beta-testers posting on the DevialetChat forum that report encouraging results as Steve indicated.

Hopefully, the actual release of AIR3 will be handled better…

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Yes apologies, what @mdconnelly said.

Its quite confusing for a company to release a beta through a comments section on a previous beta for a different OS, but it keeps us on our toes - Devialet are quite ‘unique’ in their approach to software…

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Tried Roon. Could not wait.

Works Brilliantly!. Butter smooth, no drops, no White Noise. Played since last 1 hour now and very good.

Any difference in SQ between my MacBook USB to AIR 3.0 ? I m not expert on this subject. Does Ol Dev need H/w upgrade after announcements ? then SQ level will further increase? only time will tell.

But will do critical listening tomorrow and hope i can make some difference (again not an expert)

A day without AIR issues is super mega bonus!!! A whole day! Just imagine…

How about 21 days (and still counting) without a glitch playing all bitrates from 16/44.1 to 24/192 and DSD64? I’m having AIR 2.1.3 on Win 8.1 running on a RoonBridge and RoonServer on a Win10 NUC.

Not imagining.

Gary - Did you upgrade to AIR 3.0 beta version?

No, I’m not using Mac now. Air 2.1.3 is working well in my environment and plays all music format. So, no hurry. Just wait for AIR 3.0 release for Windows later.

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@Jnan_Devi_Roon what were your initial issues with Roon and AIR3? It seems like you’ve sorted it now?

Are you experiencing any of the issues with sample rate change in Roon pr on Tidal tracks - I seem to remember catching a few mentioned on Devialetchat last night but think it was with Audirvana rather than Tidal/Roon?

This AIR3 is sounding positive - as soon as someone gets to June without a single issue, I’ll install it! :wink:

Has anyone got settings that work for Roon and Air 3, as last night mine kept locking up my Mac Mini after only 1 or 2 songs (couldn’t even access my Mac Mini and had to reboot with button on back).

I’m currently running Roon Server on my headless Mac Mini

@John_Carrigan, have a look through the more recent posts on the Devialetchat topic linked in the first post. I believe a few people inc @Jnan_Devi_Roon experimented and managed to get settings that worked… I believe its buffers/delays in Roon and AIR…

Tried those settings last night and locking up my Mac Mini. Changed them again this morning and still locking up after only 2 songs played (the 2nd song was only half way through).

If this is the new Air then it needs thrown in the bin and scrapped. I’m never going near Air again (it has completely locked up my my Mac Mini 5 times, and the maximum I have got to is 3 songs in a row).

Mmmm. Have you tried with anything other than Roon? The norm - for me especially - would be to blame Devialet and AIR but there is a chance there’s an incompatibility with Roon.

Not sure whether Roon are aware this AIR 3 beta exists. Perhaps @danny can advise?