Devialet Ethernet problem with the Companion [Resolved]

A few hours ago I downloaded a Roon upgrade having received a message from Roon and after that my Devialet Companion shut down when using Ethernet connection. The Master unit was on. No problems using other alterrnative ways of playoing (USB etc) The Ethernet connection shut down the Companion when using all audio files , ( 44,1, 96 khz 192 khz). My PC is Windows 10. Previously everything worked fine.
Any ideas?

Hi @Bengt_Soederlund ----- Thank you for the PM and sharing this observation you have made with the Companion after updating to Build 298.

Moving forward, would you kindly expanded on the details of your setup using this link as a guide. I want have a clearer sense of the gear you are currently implementing in your Roon configuration.

Secondly, I would also like to enable diagnostics on your account as this action will automatically provide us with a report containing an up to date set of Roon logs however, when I went to perform this action it appears that the e-mail address I have for you (xxxxxx) is not linked to an active account. Would you kindly verify this information for me and will go ahead and enable this feature.

Lastly, would you mind if I made this PM a public post on the “support” thread of the community site? I will be sure to remove your email from this post before I do :wink: Let me know.


Hi Eric,

Thank you for your reply. I try to give you few facts about my setup. I use a Lenovo PC runnning 64 bit, Windows 10. The PC is connected through a router to Devialet 440 Pro Core. My files are on two hard-disks connected to the PC.
The upgrade of the Roon was done upon receipt of a logo with suggestion to upgrade when I opened Roon. In my Roon account my name is Torleif Söderlund and my e-mail is [removed by support]. If you consider making this PM a public post you are free to do so provided that the e-mail addresses are removed. I am not a computer geek so I am afraid that much more information will be hard for me to provide. Thank you for your interest in the matter and hoping that this will suffice.
Kind regards Torleif

Hi again,

I tried to connect the Devialet with Ethernet connection without using Roon and the same thing happens; the Companion shuts down. So is this a Roon problem or a Devialet problem?
Kind regards Torleif (Bengt)

Hi @Bengt_Soederlund ----- Thank you for touching base with me and sharing this latest observation you have made (i.e "…without using Roon and the same thing happens). The insight is appreciated.

Moving forward, I have enabled the mentioned diagnostics on your account using the provided email address in your previous post (thank you again) and will keep an eye out for the report however, this latest observation makes me think something else is going here if this behavior is also being experienced outside of our application.

While this may seem elementary, have you tried testing with another ethernet cable running to the Companion?



I’ll try an other ethernet cable and unplug both Devialet units. If that does not help I will contact Devialet support in order to sort this out. I have heard through other channels that the Companion turns off when playing DSD or 176.4 khz files because of a bug or something in the current firmware. It might be that this was the cause of the Companion shutting down in the first place (I don’t recall what i was playing at that time). Anyway, now the problem is permanent whatever file formats are used with the ethernet connection. It might be a coincidence that the problem occurred immidiately after I downloaded the Roon upgrade. That would clear Roon from the list of the usual suspects. As I understand Devialet has a lot to do sort out their current firmware. Despite that I am very satisfied with Devialet. And Roon is amazing!
Kind regards Torleif (Bengt), Finland

Hi Eric

One device went missing after the the Roon upgrade in the audio device identification and one was renamed. Something happened that leads me to presume that the ethernet connecttion failure is a result of the Roon upgrade.
Is it possible to revert to the original firmware and have this upgrade annulled?
KR Torleif

Hi @Bengt_Soederlund ----- Thank you for touching base with me and sharing these observations you have made, the insight is appreciated.

Moving forward, after you had provided me with the requested email address (thank you again) I enabled the mentioned diagnostics on your account and we received the report yesterday. I had our techs take a look through the Roon logs attached to the report and as per the team’s feedback they have noted that there are numerous traces that indicate that something on your system is trying to interact with the Devialet 440 while using Roon. In light of this can you please verify for me that you have configured the AIR driver (or disabled it) according to the specification noted here in our knowledge base?

Additionally, can you please also confirm the Devialet firmware version you are currently running.


Thank you Eric!
I disabled the Air driver and now everything works great. Case closed and thanks again.
KR Torleif

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