Devialet Expert Remote and iOS14

The Roon remote app on both my iPhone and iPad are working fine under iOS 14, but I have heard of other apps that require local network access not longer work under iOS 14 because they fail to prompt for local network access permission thus defaulting to no local network access.

ie the Devialet - Expert Remote App.

Has anyone found a workaround to this problem?

perhaps just uninstall and reinstall the offending app

Settings, Privacy, Local Network - this will show apps that have requested access…so if the app appears you can enable it but if it doesn’t appear the author needs to update the app.

This is pretty much the case for the Devialet Expert Remote. What has me puzzled is that it worked. Once. It prompted for local network access and then showed up in Setting - Privacy - Local Network. But when I uninstalled/reinstalled (really sorry I did that ;-), it never prompted again and never shows up in the Local Network listing. Strange.

Sounds like you should be emailing devialet then

Certainly did just that. The response I got from Devialet was a little bit more encouraging in that they understand the issue and are working toward a solution. Of course, when we’ll see that is anyone’s guess

I posted here hoping there might be a work-around since I was able to get it to work once.

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Well other devialet users here will maybe be in the same boat or might have a workaround for you. Good luck.

So Apple does not give users the option to select an application and give access? It must already be in the list?

My understanding is that any app that accesses your local network under IOS 14 is first forced to prompt for access permission. Once that happens, it is possible to turn that access on and off thru Settings - Privacy - Local Network. But, if the app never prompts, then the ability to control it is never presented.

What it is about the Devialet Expert Remote app that doesn’t trigger the IOS local network access prompt is a mystery. I have to think there are likely other apps in the same boat.

I see. A normal firewall would have options to add an access like this, but in a PC OS this might be risky as it would be possible to script the action without the user knowing it. So I understand why, but it is not very user friendly…

Not user friendly at all and I’m a bit surprised Apple got away with it. My understanding is that there are a few other apps suffering from a similar problem as the Devialet Expert Remote. Must be somehow related to how an app attempts to access the local network.

It’s definitely a security thing. If you have lots of devices on your home network and one of them gets infected by nasty code this feature could prevent the infection to spread, but Apple should provide a manual (secure) workaround for advanced users. As a minimum one should have the option to add an app to the list with ‘Disabled’ as default. Then you’d have to enable the app’s access the same way as other apps in ‘Privacy ->Local Network’

Devialet remote not working here as well, iOS14. Forever spinning wheel and no way to “force” connection to neetwork in settings, app doesn’t even show up.

My comment wasn’t about Devialet’s Expert Remote - of course they should already have it updated. IOS 14 beta has been available for awhile. Rather, I’m puzzled why Apple doesn’t provide a means to enable local network access for apps that use it. My understanding is that the prompt for local netowkr access permission is totally buried in IOS 14 and not directly performed by the app itself.

It’s here: Settings > Privacy > Local Network… “Apps that have requested permission to find and communicate with devices on your local network will appear here”… Roon appears, the Expert app does not. There’s no mechanism to manually allow an app access.

An updated Devialet Remote app (v1.8.5) has just appeared in the app store, and it works for me :+1:

Nice! Who is this company being so responsive and supportive. Kudos to Devialet.