Devialet Le 200 not connecting via ethernet

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Desktop i7-7700K CPU @ 4.2GHz 4201 Mhz 4 Core(s).
Windows 10 Home
16 GB ram

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Network is NBN 50, Router is provided by Optus so not able to alter settings. I have Cat 6 cables and also wifi. NAS drive is connected.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Devialet Le 200 connected to Blusound 2 and LG TV optical and ethernet connection

Description Of Issue

When I download the wifi driver for the Devialet Roon is able to find the Devialet but even though the Devialet shows 3 bars there is a lot of issues playing with dropouts of music.

When I disable wifi and use Ethernet as the connection Roon does not find the Devialet. I have successfully used Roon on my old Antipodes server using Snakeoil but the Devialet interface does not work.

Roon does find my Bluesound node 2 but I would prefer to go straight through to my Devialet bypassing the Bluesound.

First, make sure you have the up-to-date firmware for the Devialet 200.

Second, you have probably done this, but make sure the Ethernet port is active in your configuration file.

Third, after disabling wifi, have you tried pulling the power cord out of the Devialet and then rebooting? See whether Roon finds your device after doing this.


I have the latest available firmware as they stopped updating the Le 200 once the pro came out.

The Ethernet port is active in my file but I haven’t deleted the wifi driver from my computer. Should I delete the wifi driver?

I haven’t tried the hard reboot (ie, pulling the power cord out) which I will tonight.

As far as I know, Devialet WiFi must be disabled from configurarion file.
Also, check Devialet IP: it must be using the same subnetwork as Roon Core.
On the other hand, I believe that Devialet Expert Pro range only is Roon-Ready. Still, you must be able at least to see Devialet LE 200 inside your devices.

Thanks Daniel,
Before Expert Pro I could use Roon over Ethernet with the Le 200 so I would be disappointed if they did something to disable it.

How do I find what subnetwork is on the Roon Core?

I did disable WiFi from the configuration and I even removed the driver from my computer for WiFi.

You must check IP Address and Subnet Mask. Subnet Mask must be same on Roon Core and Devialet. Here are some generic/sample values:
IPv4 Address:
Subnet Mask:

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This is confusing. The wifi option is not enabled on my Devialet Expert but it came up as an option in Roon. I selected the WiFi option and have a connection coming through the Ethernet. The only problem is it freezes on both Tidal and my NAS drive after a few songs.

Devialet air choice

It looks like Devialet air is actually Ethernet.

Devialet ethernet connection

Yes, Devialet Air is a transport protocol.
It does not involve the use of WiFi (it works with both WiFi and Ethernet)

Hello @PeterK, also is your core connected via Ethernet?

Yes I am connected via Ethernet

It was working beautifully until the new update. It plays for a while and now freezes - such a shame I was just starting to really get into Roon again.

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