Devialet Phantom and Roon Ready? [yes, they finally are!]

Why oh why arent these Roon Ready? I would buy two in a heartbeat if they were but they arent…

A lot of manufacturers still have a blind spot where Roon is concerned. I suppose if they weigh up what work is involved in making something Roon Ready in return for what might be considered a small number of sales. AirPlay or DNLA brings in a lot more while giving a limited degree of usability in Roon.

There’s supposed to be a major software upgrade at the end of the year, hopefully it’ll make the speakers Roon Ready. In the meantime, Danny Dulai’s extension for the Phantom speaker works fine. More info here:

Just a handful left now… Most that you don’t see Roon Ready products from, have something in the works.

As for Devialet, they’ve already gone Roon Ready on the Expert line. This is just a matter of scheduling and development. Their buy-in is already there.


Danny do you think they will be able to retrofit the Phantoms with software, or will we need a new hardware release?

Out of interest, does any project work with apple music directly, or must it always go via airplay? Is there even a difference for the streaming services directly vs some indirect means of communication?

Phantoms run some kind of Linux AFAIK so it should be possible to make them directly Roon ready. The small Reactor Phantom has L/R stereo pairing via network so the same could apply for the big Phantoms.

I can not reliably speak to the future plans of another company, and it would be uncouth for me to say anything about a partner’s unannounced plans.

Other than Apple, it’s just Sonos.

Hi all,

I have just noticed on the list of apple airplay2 devices the Devialet Phantom is listed. The following link is probably a very useful one to keep track of as it looks to be well maintained. I have no idea how long the Phantom has been on the list of “coming soon”, but I am choosing to be optimistic!

I still think Apple should buy Devialet and B&O - especially the latter, since if anything they distanced themselves more from the former when they stopped selling them in their stores (but heres hoping they will at least be sold in Apple stores again soon)

they are Roon Ready now.

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