Devialet Phantoms can't by found by Roon [resolved]

Sorry Roon … and don’t I feel like an idiot!

I exploded onto the scene yesterday and threw all of the toys out of the pram because Roon lost my Phantoms. Well it turns out that my network lost my Phantoms, not Roon.

Humble pie tastes like poo ;(


It happens…
Not the first and you wont be the last
But…did you get the Phantoms back online and are now enjoying Roon again?


Yes … they’re back.

FWIW to others … my Phantoms are running over wifi and they only support comms on the 2G band and I’ve got everything else that’s wifi running on 5G. The router dropped the 2G band for some inexplicable reason and other sources talk to the Phantoms via optical links so I didn’t realise the problem.

Ultimately I want to cable connect them for Rooning but the location and structure of the house is a bit of a problem at the moment.


One of the problems with reading these forums is it gives you the impression that Roon is just completely broken most of the time for most of it’s user’s. Clearly not true, but it’s a complicated product at times.

But good on you for coming back and eating your humble pie.

Ethernet is definitely the way to go if you can, and these days you can deliver it over Mesh network if needed with very little (if any) drop in quality, but cable if you can

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There’s also something like the Audioengine D2 that will take USB/optical/analog and transmit it wirelessly, and without loss, to its receiver. The receiver then outputs in optical or analog. Digital in/digital out bypasses its DAC. Transmits up to 192/24. Goes for $400 new and about $250 used, when available. There are likely other companies that have offered this solution, but I’m not aware of them.

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Hey @Kev_Punter

Thanks for this – and no worries. Things not working the way they should happens to all of us. Enjoy your Phantoms. And Roon. :wink:

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