Devialet processor is not shown in signal path

I noticed that the “Devialet processor” is not shown in the signal path if I set SAM percentage to 0. Why is this? The SAM feature is still set on so shouldn’t it be shown in the signal path? @support ?


I presume because if everything is set to zero (or null), the “Devialet processor” isn’t doing anything - and therefore not worth noting in the signal path. SAM 0% = OFF. I like this implementation, it seems to me the right way to do it.

SAM off and SAM 0% are very different things. SAM on at 0% is doing the time domain correction and the bass extension set to its minimum.

As I understand it, SAM 0% is different from SAM off, insofar as SAM 0% still does some phase correction and possibly protection, though no bass boost. If that’s the case, @Petri has a good point.

OK, thanks for the correction. I didn’t realize that SAM 0% still does some phase correction…

Hello @thumb5,

Thanks for the report, I have reached out to Devialet for further clarification on the expected behavior here.


Hi @john,

Did you get any clarification from Devialet about the expected behavior? I asked directly from Mathieu Pernot from Devialet and he confirmed that SAM 0% and SAM off are very different things.

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