Devialet roonAIR volume limits UI bug

It appears you can’t use negative numbers for the max and comfort volume limits.

Trying to set via an iPad, the negative input numbers are made positive.
The ‘zero’ seems to work, set by default at -97.

Just FYI. I’m sticking with my digiOne anyway for the time being. (I did get rapid stutters/popping in my 5 min AIR experiment, having not had a single glitch through the digiOne throughout months of listening. Bought back some deep and painful memories)

Seems to work for me, using Roon 1.5 on a Mac: I have the Comfort limit set at -10 dB and successfully just set Max to -5 dB. (Mind you, I didn’t try upping the volume to see what happened at the limits.)

Interesting. Are you able to try on an iPad?

Yes: it’s working on the iPad too (Roon 1.5, iOS 11.2.6). Very strange.

Ok thanks. Bizarre my end. Latest everything here. I’ll try restarting everything when I can and try again.

Hello @hifi_swlon,

  1. Do you have the Core Infinity board installed in your Devialet device?
  2. What version of the Devialet firmware are you running?



(Sorry still haven’t had chance to try via Mac or reboot Core, try next week hopefully).