DEVIALET Sound quality: USB versus ETHERNET

From ROON software point of view, witch one of here attached two SIGNAL PATHs is providing the best sound quality?

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As you have both connected you should be able to determine what is best, or rather what sounds best to you. The ‘best’ and what you ‘like’, may or may not be the same thing.
The AIR stream probably has the shortest (cleanest) signal path inside the Devialet amp so that is a technical advantage. I use a microRendu (USB) into a Mutec reclocker with AES/EBU to my Devialet. To me, this sounds better than AIR from Roon. (it is also $1800 more…) USB direct to the Devialet is not for me, but others report excellent results with USB.

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Interesting - I gave up on the microrendu solution after the CI and the recent software releases - in my set up I found the AIR solution providing me with substantially better SQ - again this is very subjective as my speakers are Dynaudio Contours where compared to other speakers (my friend prefers the microrendu setup via AES with his B&W Nautilus speakers) - whichever works for your ears I say!!

Prior to Roon AIR, I spent a good bit of time streaming via a microRendu to USB (no reclocker). It sounded very good and a far better solution than the nagging problems with Devialet AIR at the time. But, once Roon started supporting AIR directly, I switched to Roon AIR and never looked back. To my ears, Roon AIR sounds a bit more open and extended than USB via the microRendu and I really like the simplicity of the signal path. There were times where the microRendu needed to be rebooted (and it did get pretty hot using the 9v iFi power supply). Roon AIR just always works.

But hey, let your ears be your guide. I would love to hear what you think!

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