Device Icon Incorrect on Play Screen

The device icon is correct in the setup, but on the “play screen” it is showing up as an old device. I am unable to change it in the standard way. Any advice?

What device is it and what it is showing up as? The same thing happens with my Benchmark DAC3. It gets identified as the DAC2. It has to do with both models being able to use the same drivers in Windows I think. Your can edit the icon for the zone if you want to something generic in the device set up (click volume icon and then click on the gears icon) to get the zone settings to appear. there will be an option to change the zone icon. At the bottom of this page there is a “device setup” option, which opens a new window. From there you will see your device and under it there is a “not your device” option, which brings you to a window where you can search for your device

My M-Scaler is showing up in the pic in the right corner. I am now using my Audio Note Dac and the streamer pic is not showing, but upon going to device set up it is showing there. I am unable to make any changes to the device there.

The zone icon is the M-Scaler.

Can you post some screen shots and tell me your set up is? What streamer are you using? Are you saying that the zone icon stays as the M-Scaler even when the M-Scaler is not being used?