Device Icons Still Missing in 1.8

Core Machine (W10/Threadripper 2950x, 64GB DDR4, 2080Ti, 3x 960 Pro 512gb, 3x 1tb 860 Evo/Roon 753 1.8)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Direct Gigabit Ethernet to discrete Ubiqiuti Stack w/10gb Fiber throughput

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Schiit Gungnir connected to Core (USB)
Fiio M15 connected to laptop (WiFi)
Various Google speaker groups (9 Speakers, 3 Groups) (WiFi)

Description Of Issue

I have had this issue for some time. I had a thread open, but it was closed and marked as resolved. I’m not sure how that happened since it definitely hasn’t been fixed.

All of my manufacturer-specific device endpoint icons are missing when I am using Roon on my Desktop PC (the Core). The default icons show up, but all of my Google, Schiit, and Chord devices are just blank. (See Image)

The manufacturer-specific icons appear on my Laptop and Android Devices as well as my wife’s iPhone - this leads me to believe the problem exists somewhere in the local installation on the Core.

Since I have had this problem before, I have gone through all the recommended solutions - however, here is a list of the steps I have taken.

  1. Deleted the product image files in the AppData directory.
  2. Restarted Roon.
  3. Restarted Computer.
  4. Updated Windows (Currently on KB4601319).
  5. Uninstalled Roon and Reinstalled (I used a backup file to restore).
  6. Disconnected and Reconnected affected devices.
  7. Restarted and inspected network stack for errors (though I’m not sure this could be an issue)

I’d appreciate any further advice. I was hoping that 1.8 would solve the issue, but it hasn’t.


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Hi @Kalen_Rixon ,

Are you by any chance using Logitech G Hub software on the PC?
If so, can you please try to disable this software and see if this helps?

Excuse me for jumping in - do you have problem with displaying album covers too?

What happens if you close Roon and Roon Server, start Roon, and then (while it’s waiting for Core) start Roon Server? Does it work then?

Hi @noris ,

That seemed to do it! I have been using the Logitech software for some time now. To add, I has to quit out of the G Hub Software, Kill the GHub Updater service and prevent it from automatically restarting itself. I then had to delete the product image cache files in the App Data/Local/Roon/Cache folder.

Is there a plan/way to get the logitech software to work alongside Roon? I depend on a number of custom functions for my editing workflow that use G Hub.

@klokan054 , I have not had any problems displaying album artwork. There have been a handful of Tidal dropouts over the past year, but it wasn’t a problem on my machine. And to answer your second question, the icons were missing regardless of my startup order. I tried all the combinations that I could think of before I was given the above solution - though it might require me to go out and buy a different mouse.


Hi @Kalen_Rixon ,

Thanks for letting me know disabling the Logitech G Hub software helped! We have a ticket in regarding this behavior, but as per policy, I can’t comment on a timeline of when it will reach the front of the dev team’s queue.

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