Device identification

Under Device setup, please add
Benchmark DAC3 L and DAC3 HGC to the list.

Gear won’t listed unless “Roon Tested” or “Roon Ready”

You need to contact the manufacturer, they have to make their products work with roon.

Their older models are already listed: Benchmark DAC2’s.
Does this make any functional difference or
is it just cosmetic?

A new device needs to be certified - there will never be any automation here (and there should not be).

If and when it is certified, will there be any functional or audio difference?
Or just that satisfaction of seeing correct model name as device id?

if identified you get a pretty picture and the device settings are pre-filled for you.

Not if you’ve been using the optimal settings all along.

I use an iFi DAC that is not in the list and Roon chooses a different iFi device. Luckily, that works, but I would prefer that if a device is not in the list that Roon doesn’t make a choice for me.

thanks @xxx rarely does one get specific answers to each questions!
My roon-ready streamer is sotm sms-200 hooked to Benchmark DAC3.
Other than DSP settings (which I find of no use at all), what “optimal” settings are you referring to?

Nothing in particular. I probably should have said ‘correct’ settings.