Device not certified by Roon?

What does the screenshot of the “Roon not certified device” alert mean (Roon preferences/Audio tab) and how do I fix this? school to 2 screen shots

What is the device in question?

It means that the manufacturers have not submitted the device and had it tested by Roon for certification of compliance.


Thanks, but it was previously certified and included a sketch of the actual device in the audio zone window, then last weekend that dropped off, so did the little sketch of the actual unit in the audio zone window. Now the Ayre QX5-twenty is no longer playing through either my system or the Ayre headphone jack. Something else is amiss. I was trying to get back to the point where it was certified.


Thanks Ludwig,

It was previously Roon certified with the proper sketch of the actual device showing up correctly in the audio zone window. The device sketch then disappeared after working correctly for 6 months and the uncertified notice appeared over the weekend. The device is an Ayre QX5-20 digital hub. Sounds like I’m headed to my dealer next. I was hoping there was a way to get back to the certified status so the device operates with Roon correctly

Ahh. I was going by what device was showing in your clip and it is the following:

I suspect something must be amiss in the unit’s firmware. It should be responding to Roon as the Ayre, not as the base internal module.

Geez, suddenly Roon “saw” it correctly again after a few reboots and all is working and sounding great. Perhaps its the Ayre that was the problem sending sub level info in error. Yes, I’ll be discussing with dealer tomorrow - at least I now know what was going on thanks to your input. Very grateful and relieved.