"Device not found"

Roon Core Machine

InnuOS Zen Mk3 with Intel Quad-Core-CPU 4 TB HDD, Hi-Res Audio mit 32Bit/384Hz, DSD128 (Dual-DSD)and MQA (Master Quality Authenticated)**

Networking Gear & Setup Details

FRITZ!Box 6591 Cable as router using FRITZ!OS 7.29), connected via LAN with FRITZ!Powerline 1220E (using firmware

Connected Audio Devices

Hi there, I am just setting up my new system with Roon. Set up is:

Innuos Zen Mk3 as CORE
Rotel MICHI P5 pre-Amp with DAC included
The above devices are connected via USB 2.0 (A<>B)

Number of Tracks in Library

just starting…currently 1000 tracks stored on server

Description of Issue

The ROON App tells me that I am connected to the Core.
The ROON App also shows me in “Audio” that it sees my “MICHI USB Audio 1.0”, however it is not possible to enable this device (message: “Device not found”).
I am wondering what the problem here might be and how I will be able to connect the MICHI successfully?
Many thanks and kind regards Oliver

Fill in the requested information network etc.

USB 2.0 requires a driver, whereas USB 1.0 does not. You may need to change the settings on the integrated amplifier to USB 1.0.

Thank you very much, Martin for replying so quickly. I switched to USB 2.0 which in my case didn’t require a driver (this is only needed unter Windows as I understand). The problem was setting my InnuOS Zen to “squeezelite experimental mode”. After changing this back to pure “core” ROON was able to find my device. It is working now.


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