Device playback through Roon

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Not sure under what category this should fall, so added it to general support. this is more of a question than an issue.

I have a CD player that is near my Roon server W10, I can connect the CD player to the roon server via a mic input. Is there any way I can play the CD player content over the Roon App (something like a live stream) and have that music delivered to the Roon Device?

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No Roon does not support external audio input.

The is some software that can capture the output from the CD player and convert it to a radio stream… which Roon’s Live Radio can listen to.

Have a search in the Tinkering section of the forum for discussion on that.


Out of curiosity:

  1. Could you let me know what is the software name?
  2. Is it possible to build a internal Live radio, that my Roon picks up? What would be required (hardwear/software)

Many thanks


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