Device seen by Roon, appears to be playing, no sound output [Solved]

One of my Pis has stopped sending sound to the amplifier.
Setup is Roon ROCK on a nuc, all hard wired via ubiquiti switch to several pi endpoints all running Ropiee.
The pi in question is a 3B and I have just upgraded it to RoPieee 2022.11 (0580). Rebooted several times. Checked connections to the amplifier, tried another amplifier, tried different inputs. Nothing. All of my other pis running Ropiee are fine.
Roon core sees the pi and happily plays music to it - but no sound!
Any suggestions please? I’ve tried all of the things I would usually think of. Thanks so much
best wishes

I suggest that you send feedback to @spockfish and post the feedback reference here.

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Thanks Geoff, will do

Have you checked the Ropiee web config page to verify it is still set up for your HAT/DAC as before?

Tony, thanks - I did indeed do that, Checked all the settings in Ropiee and all looks fine. Very confusing!
Thanks for the suggestion

So @ACB ,

Looking at your logs everything seems fine.

However, what you did not mention is that you have a DAC HAT with volume control.
And the volume is consistently low (13 in a range from 0…100).

Have you tried changing the volume?


That’s odd - the endpoint has always run with fixed volume (or I thought it did!). I’ve changed it in Roon settings to variable and adjusted it up - no result. I have also tried connecting a USB DAC direct to the pi’s board in case it was a HAT fault, but sadly also nothing. I even tried to reset the HAT settings by configuring it in Ropieee as “no HAT”, running reboot and then reinstalling. Also no luck with that.
Thanks very much, Andrew

I’m not entirely sure about your attempts…

The HAT is an amplifier with volume control (and has no relation whatsoever with USB).
I see that the volume is set to a low level, hence I pressume that’s the reason why you are not hearing anything. And according to Roon it’s not set with fixed volume…

So I suggest you have a look at your settings in Roon because I’m pretty sure that client side (the Pi) everything is ok.


Thank you Harry for your efforts and quick replies!
I’ve triple checked within Roon’s settings, which are as usual (and same as all of my other working zones). So since you say the client pi is fine then I’ll go off to search for whatever else might be causing it!
best wishes

But that should have worked. It will need enabling in Ropiee (Audio USB set) and Roon and audio sending to it at Fixed Volume.

I think I’ve seen a case where device volume is remembered.

So perhaps switch the zone to device volume, turn it to maximum, then switch back to fixed volume.

@GregD Thanks very much - that seems to have done the trick. Not sure why it got itself into that state in the first place but thank you for the suggestion!

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Hi, this is a really old thread but it is still open so I am going to post in hopes that I can get some help. I have a Meier Corda Soul which is a DAC and Headphone Amp. My NUC10 is down so I had to turn my Mac MINI into a Roono Core until fixed. I have my Corda Soul plugged into the back of my Soul via USB. It always shows that the Corda Soul is connected in CoreAudio and I can pull it up as a zone and play music. The music shows to be playing in Roon, but nothing is coming out of my Corda Soul. If I remove the USB cable or turn off the Corda Soul and restart it then I get sound. This only happens after I have left the Corda Soul on for more than 10 minutes without playing music. It doesn’t stop playing music while listening. When it was connected to my NUC I could leave the Corda Soul on at all times and the connection was perfect and I wouldn’t lose the ability to hear music after 10 minutes of not being used. But, now that I am plugged into the back of my MINI it shows it is playing but no sound after it sits idle for a period of time. How do I fix this? I keep trying the different USB inputs on the back of my Mini thinking one will work all the time, but haven’t figured it out yet. I don’t understand why it tells me that it is connected and actually plays music in Roon but nothing out of the Corda Soul unless I restart or unplug the USB cable and re-plug in. Again, this only happens when I leave the Corda Soul on, stop using it and then go back to start listening again.